At least thirty-six victims, five hundred houses destroyed, dozens of roads and bridges – recently built – gutted. And above all, a dull and black rage against the authorities. This is a result of the flooding caused by torrential rains that from two weeks they fall in several regions of southern ‪#‎Morocco‬. mortsThese floods have revealed the true face of the Moroccan State: horrible, miserable. Firstly because of the weakness of the infrastructure in the South and Southeast, and then for the impotence of his civil defense, military, institutions that don’t care about anyone or anything. Nothing was done to save men and women dragged off to death under the eyes of their powerless relatives. The various state services have shone everywhere by their absence, or almost. Normal! This part of the country is useless. Has no right. Neither highways nor railways, hospitals or universities or schools. The axis Casablanca-Tangier-Kenitra won all major development projects, while other areas are living in extreme poverty. The South has undergone the anger of the authorities and the whims of an inhospitable nature, while its mineral wealth is daily looted by unscrupulous companies. ‪#‎Imider‬ (Tinghir) is a witness.

A victim of the flood devoured by dogs
A victim of the flood devoured by dogs

Just seeing the pictures of dead bodies transported on tree branches and piled up later in the municipal rubbish trucks to realize that life is not worth anything in these regions. The living and the dead have no rights. We have seen men who have thrown themselves in full of the flood to save people, because they knew that no firefighter would go to their rescue. Nobody cares about them. Dead or alive, they know this since decades.

Just seeing the pictures of how the civil protection and military mobilize considerable resources – including helicopters and bulldozers – to save European tourists victims of these floods to realize that the life of a Moroccan is not worth anything. Wednesday, November 26 two tourists, a Pole and a Spaniard, blocked by flood in Zagoura, have been rescued by helicopter, according to Moroccan media, while residents stuck with them have been abandoned on site.
The whole region is suffering in the indifference and is facing a major disaster. The authorities don’t move a finger.

While whole regions are on high alert because of the floods, the inhabitants – especially in the Atlas – are cut out of the world and is difficult to find enough food, the government closes its eyes and refuses to declare a state of natural calamity in the stricken areas to prevent these regions seek help and compensation. The Moroccan government is looking elsewhere. It sends two airplanes full of donations, including food and medicines, in Liberia. Another provocation. The PJD, the Islamist party in the government, helped to arrange, Saturday November 29, a demonstration in support of Palestinians in Bouyzakaren, one of the stricken towns.

Even more kafkian, whereas these days Marrakech has hosted an international forum for human rights. Surely to boast the « progress » made by Morocco in this field.

In a democracy, the heads would already be fallen. Here, will be offered medals. Thirty-six dead! Thirty-six victims of disastrous state policies. A respected state would have already declared the national mourning. But no. Why the hurry? The Moroccans are worth nothing and deserve nothing but humiliation and death!

My country, I’ve the nausea !

Traduction de l’article « Mon pays, j’ai la nausée » paru dans le Huffpost

Merci à Rita pour la traduction

A. Azergui


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